I told you all about how I was having the craziest, most vivid dreams (all nightmares!) early in pregnancy. Well, they had disappeared for awhile, but just recently I had another crazy dream (though a non-nightmare, thank goodness).

In it, I dreamt about our baby. I’ve read that this is common – particularly in having vivid dreams about the gender. Now, it’s no secret that Chris and I have been hoping for a boy. I know that’s taboo since we’re supposed to say “We’ll be happy with whatever, just as long as its healthy” blah blah blah. And, of course, we will love the baby no matter what it is. But that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for a little boy : )

But, of course, in my dream….the baby was a GIRL!!!

And it was crazy, too, because not only was it super life-like – but the dream wasn’t about the baby currently gestating in my uterus. In my dream, the baby was already born – about 6 months old. Chris and I were with her at some little baby play place. They had little baby “rides” and “games” and things of that nature. I dreampt that our baby was strapped into a little baby seat in a little helicopter ride that launched her up into the sky about 4-5 feet or so and “flew” around a bit before returning to the ground. To my knowledge, nothing like this even exists in real life (I know there are little kid play places, but nothing for infants, right???)

At any rate, it was so life-like that when I awoke it felt like it had really happened.

I find out at the end of the month what the *actual* gender is. To this point I’d never had a real inclination one way or another. But now, I’m thinking it’s gotta be a girl. We’ll see!