Quickening:  In pregnancy terms, the moment of quickening refers to the initial motion of hte fetus in the uterus as it is perceived or felt by the pregnant woman. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to “quicken” means “to reach the stage of pregnancy at which the child shows signs of life.”

First time Moms don’t typically feel the initial baby movements until somewhere between 18-20 weeks, whereas repeat Moms tend to experience quickening somewhere between 15-17 weeks (according to Wikipedia.com). Well our baby must be big and healthy (*fingers crossed*) because I experienced quickening during my 16th week (a full 2 weeks earlier than most first-time moms!)! And – let me tell you – it was CRAZY! I’ve only felt it twice and both times have been pretty brief. But I’m absolutely certain it was baby (and not normal digestion or other bodily processes, etc).

Describing what it felt like is SOOOO difficult…because it didn’t feel like anything I’ve ever experienced before (obviously!). Probably the best analogy is that it felt like a light fluttering. Honestly, if I’d been running around or in the middle of doing something I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it. But the first time I felt it was as I was lying in bed to go to sleep a few nights ago. Then I felt it again just yesterday while I was sitting outside of my building at school – waiting for Chris to come pick me up .  : )

I always thought when I felt the baby it would be super weird….like an alien inside my body. But it wasn’t weird at all. It was the coolest thing ever! Now, I cannot wait until the movements become stronger, more pronounced, and big enough for Chris to be able to feel them! I also think its so cool that people can actually tell how the baby is positioned from their kicks, etc. Pretty excited to see what all that will be like!