Are you familiar with the old Robert Earl Keen song? (It’s one of my all-time fave!)

The content of the song, as a whole, really has nothing to do with anything. But the chorus goes, “It feels so good, feeling good again!” I’m DEFINITELY feeling that way this week! It’s so nice to not feel poopy anymore! And as I’ve mentioned, I feel like I’m in the “honeymoon” stage of pregnancy. The first trimester is a bunch of pukey feelings & exhaustion. The third trimester (from what I hear) will have its own bag of problems. But the second trimester has been pretty good!

I’ve even started exercising again!!! Woo hoo!! Feels wonderful to get out and be active, even though it’s a WAY dialed down version of my former level of exercise. Actually, my most common form of exercise these days has been walking! I was cleared by the doctor at my second official office visit to start running again if I desire, and although I’ve mixed in short distance jogs or little bursts of running into my walking sessions, something about it just doesn’t feel right. My “gut” is all bouncing around and I definitely notice that my endurance is WAY down! But a good-paced walk is considered a moderate form of exercise, and it’s feeling great right now!

And – I don’t know about you – but I always find exercise to be SO MUCH MORE FUN when you’ve got new clothes. Am I right here? So I bought a couple of new shirts that can accomodate my growing belly. Check this one out, which I got online from For Two Fitness

How cute is that?! (by the way, this shot wwas taken at 16 weeks pregnant; if your vision is as horrible as mine, I’ll let you know that the shirt says “Sweating for Two”). Normally the shirts from For Two Fitness are a  little pricey for my budget….but I scored this (and another) shirt from the “Final Clearance” section for a reasonable price. Love it! The other shirt says “Toning for Two” and has a picture of two rattles on the belly. Pretty adorable.

Today is a beautiful Sunday, 65* and sunny. I think I might just get geared up to take Rocky for a nice long walk.