Just look at these baby toes:


Freaking adorable, right??

I think something very strange has been happening this week. It’s gotta be due to the hormones or something, I’m not quite sure. All I know is, I have never ever ever been a baby-crazy type of person. Even once we found out we were pregnant, I kind of secretly wished we could skip the baby years and go straight to toddler years. It sure is fun to run around with my nieces and nephews, but the baby years? Ask my Mom or Stepdad….I believe the exact phrase “Waste of time, energy, and money” has escaped my lips more than once in referring to babies as I was in my teenage years.

Everyone told me it would change when I had my own children. But I wasn’t sure. I hoped so (because what Mom wants to secretly hate her child’s baby years?!? No one!) But somehow, this week, I think things may be changing for me. I’m still not baby-crazy, per se. I could care less about other people’s babies (just being honest!)

But I received an unexpected package in the mail from Saskia a few days ago, and look what was inside:

My first thought was “Exciting! Our first article of baby clothing!!!”

My second thought was “Oh my gosh, look how tiny it is!!!” (the tag is for a 0-3 month old). For contrast, I took another picture with my hand, so you can gauge the size: My next thought:  our baby is going to be TINY!

And then, I cupped my arms as if cradling an imaginary baby. I had to adjust my arms to form a MUCH smaller cradle. (Source)

And I haven’t been able to get that moment out of my mind! I still wouldn’t call myself “baby-crazy”….but something is definitely happening to me on a psychological level, preparing myself for being a new Mom. And now? I look at those baby toes (in the top picture)…the same baby toes I wouldn’t have given a second glance 2 weeks ago….and now it fills my heart with little butterflies and makes me swoon. This is for real. It’s haaaaaaappening!!!!