Wow, how time flies! Feels like just yesterday I was finding out the news, and now here we are already at 16 weeks pregnant! Because I’ve been trying to hide my pregnancy (and hope to continue hiding it for at least another 2 weeks), I’ve had to get creative with ways to keep the growing bump under wraps. Here are some of my favorite clothing choices as of late.

1) Cape shirts

I love this style of shirt and I now own 2 in different patterns (neither are see-through like the one above). The cute prints earn me lots of compliments everytime I wear them and the style is perfect for hiding a little tummy bulge ; )

2) Long and Loose

Most of my clothing has traditionally been form-fitting. When the belly started growing, I started shopping! : ) I’ve bought a few shirts similar to the one pictured here, that are long enough to cover me up and loose enough to not gather in the stomach region.

3) Comfy T-s

Okay, so maybe its not the most fashionable choice….but I own a TON of T-shirts (thanks to several running races, free graduate student t-shirts, and miscellaneous shirts I’ve hung onto through the years). I used to wear them predominantly as sleep shirts, but now they’ve bene finding their way into my day-time wardrobe! You can’t beat the comfort and functionality!!  

4) Layered Look

Okay, okay – so I haven’t gone quite this extreme yet! But the weather has still been a bit chilly and its so easy to throw on a scarf or light jacket to hide the belly bump beneath a few layers of additional clothing!