Last week I had my second “real” appointment at 15 weeks pregnant. Everything was normal and we got to hear the heartbeat again! It sucks that we haven’t been able to see the little bean at all (as long as there aren’t any pregnancy problems, our office doesn’t do sonograms/ultrasounds AT ALL until the big gender reveal. Crazy, right!?), but its so reassuring to get to hear the little guy/girl’s heartbeat! There’s really something growing in there! : )

Check out that bump! It’s groooooowing! : )

Pregnancy Stats:

Weight: +10 lb. Officially the most I have EVER weighed in my entire life. Even though I understand cognitively that I’m going to keep gaining weight and  I’m pregnant, blah blah blah…it’s certainly scary to see the scale creeping up!!!

Aversions: None! I’m finally eating veggies and meat again!

Cravings:  Sweets! I mentioned my wicked Nerds craving. I’ve also been loving fruits (I can eat about 5 little cuties/Clementines in a single snack-session!) and cheese!!! Love me some string cheese snacks lately!

Things I miss:  Been pretty content lately. So thankful I have some energy again!

Things I’m looking forward to:  My first sonogram!!! It’s not until the end of March, but it will also be the big gender reveal and I cannot wait!!!

Symptoms: Trouble sleeping – can’t get comfortable! More frequent bathroom trips….I’ve heard this gets a LOT worse the bigger I’ll get, but I’ve already noticed a reduction in bladder capacity. What’s up with that!?

Baby Items Purchased: One. Is that weird? People keep asking if I’m “nesting” yet….not at all! It still doesn’t feel “real!’ The only thing we bought was a random purchase, too. It’s a passifier/thermometer. Who knew that such a thing exists?!

All-in-all, I feel like I’ve finally really entered the “honeymoon” period of pregnancy. I feel like myself again, I have energy again, and I’m just trying to enjoy the ride!