chacne (chest-acne),

body hair growth



Those were the notes I’d typed up to remind myself to do this post. But the notes, themselves, pretty much sum it all up. There are some parts of pregnancy that no one ever told me about. Like the fact that I would be breaking out like a 14 year old….only worse!? I swear I never had chacne like this as an adolescent! And my face? Yikes!  I can’t even count all the pimples!

And who knew that body hair grows at warp speed during pregnancy!? Not only that, but it can change color and texture! Case and point – my arm hair has always been a soft, blond type of hair. Just the other day I noticed a couple of coarse black hairs growing on my arm!?! What the what?! Awesome.

So, I’m glad to report that I haven’t been sick in 2 full weeks (fingers crossed its gone for good!!!)….but now I have some other fun pregnancy perks to take its place.