I always thought I would be “totally together” when I got pregnant. That I would NEVER be one of “those” pregnant ladies who lets her hormones get the best of her and dissolve in a puddle of tears at next-to-nothing.

Well….we can all hope and dream, can’t we? Reality never turns out quite that way.

So… Recent things that have made me cry:

Happy Tears:

1. There’s a car commercial where a girl has just finished a marathon and is gingerly getting into her car, in obvious pain. A screen in her car reads that she has 1 text message, and a computerized voice reads the message aloud, saying:  “You did it! I’m so proud of you! Love, Mom”

Literally big alligator tears rolling down my face (probably because it reminds me of my own Mom and her support of me when I ran my half-marathon last January). So touching!!

Sad Tears:

2. So remember this picture? Yeah….that whole thing almost never happened. See, we had to find an old camera to set up with a delayed timer so we could get the photo. When we set it all up to do it, it turns out the camera screen was broken – making it impossible to aim correctly. Next, we tried the same thing with Chris’ phone camera (which also has a delay setting), but the photo quality was so terrible that it wasn’t going to work. I started crying, so upset that my idea wouldn’t turn out and that we’d have to send out pregnancy announcements with some generic baby picture and blah blah blah. Chris got me to calm down, come outside, and used my phone camera (better quality, but no delayed timer). He took a picture of me, then I took a picture of him, then he used photoshop to put it all together. Yep – so that pic was a total sham. We were both staring off into space pretending to be looking at each other. Were you fooled?? : )

??? (Miscellaneous) Tears:

I recently discovered a great podcast for pregnant women – it’s called “pregtastic” and has a great panel of real-live women from all walks of life in all different pregnancy related situations (variety of ages, working statuses, relationship statuses, income levels, etc etc etc). They have many different topics, but one of my favorites is when they have a woman on to share her birth story. The typical story lasts about 30 minutes and goes from as soon as she began experiencing labor pains all the way to recovery post-delivery. I like to download the stories and go on walks around the neighborhood with Rocky. The first story I listened to I obviously didn’t know what to expect. As the woman was describing her experience, I got so emotional (not happy/sad…just emotional), that I was literally bawling…walking down the street….alone with my dog. Ha! What a sight to see! Anyways, I still love the stories but I have to be careful not to let my emotions get the best of me if I’m listening to them out in “public.”


I’m sure there have been many other moments, too. Mostly happy tears (I’ve been so emotional from TV/movies/commercials!), but a few sad tears thrown in, too. Right now, I’m just enjoying the ride – I know it will be over all too soon (though it feels like an eternity away right now!!)