**Written January 21, 2012

Due to my insurance (Aetna Student Health), I’m required to see the on-campus physicians to get a referral before I visit any off-campus practitioner. So I met with the campus doctor a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday was my first “Real” office visit.

I’ve decided to see a midwife group, as I’d like to have minimal medical intervention during my labor and delivery. I know people have very strong feelings for or against midwifes, and much of my family is baffled by my decision, but it feels right to me.

I had read that your first doctor’s appointment is always the longest, and I hope its true because I was there for over 90 minutes! I had to get 2 needle sticks (bloodwork drawn + flu shot), have a pap done (ugh!), and although I thought we’d get to do a sonogram, that wasn’t in the cards. Apparently they only do them this early on if there’s a problem.

By the way – I’m now at 10 weeks!!

The one “good” thing about the appointment is that Chris and I were able to hear the heartbeat! Very strong for 10 weeks, too – which is a great sign!

Right now I CAN NOT WAIT to tell the rest of our family and our friends! It has been soooo hard to keep it a secret and I’m dying to let the cat out of the bag!

Pregnancy Stats:

Weight: +1 lb.

Aversions: Still not into meat or veggies. It’s been carb-city over here! I hear that the wicked aversions should go away soon though!

Things I miss:  SUSHI! ENERGY!

Things I’m looking forward to:  Seeing him/her (herm?) on a sonogram! Learning the gender! Feeling herm move!!

Symptoms: I’ve had some more “morning” (all day!) sickness in the past couple weeks, fatigue, and sleplessness at night.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to resume some old fitness activities soon. I joked with Chris that just a few short months ago I was doing triathlons, and now – doing the dishes AND laundry AND sweeping feels like the same amount of energy exerted! If I do everything at once it wipes me out and I need a nap! Again – the midwife said that as I enter the second trimester I should start to feel like myself again. I can’t wait!