So far, I haven’t had any cravings for crazy and/or weird foods. I do get intense urges for certain foods, though (like ice cream! or sushi!). Although I can’t have any raw fish, I’ve mostly been yielding to my cravings at this point…though I hope that in the coming trimester once the nausea fully subsides that I’ll be able to eat more home-cooked healthy meals.

Anyways, one of my most intense cravings has been for Nerds candy. I don’t know why! A friend from work had some that she shared with me and all of the sudden – I HAD to have some Nerds! With Valentine’s Day approaching…I didn’t want just the “regular” box of Nerds. I wanted the Valentine’s Day edition because it has all of my favorite colors/flavors (pink:  strawberry, red: cherry, and white:  punch). I went to about 5 different places searching for Valentine’s Nerds and NO ONE had any! I did a google search and was close to paying $5 per box + $7 shipping just to get a box of V-Day Nerds delivered to my house, when Chris tried looking at a Target. This is the loot he came home with, bless his heart!

FOUR boxes of Valentine’s Nerds!!! I have to pace myself so I don’t eat them all at once! Best Valentine’s present EVER!  Keep your chocolates (or actually, give me chocolate, too) – give me Nerds this Valentine’s day! : )