**Written January 5, 2012

A lot has changed this past week from the previous posts I’ve written. We’ve made it back to Arizona and I’ve got my first doctor’s appointment scheduled. Because I only have Aetna Student Health Insurance my coverage is really limited. I have to first go to the school’s doctor, and then be referred to an outside practitioner. I’m not sure yet how much of the pregnancy and labor/delivery will be covered – lots of “fun” stuff to look into. : )

One of the biggest changes this week, however, has been in my sickness! I think I’ve discovered the “cure!!” I know everybody is different, but for me, it seems that its important to eat small meals very frequently (like, every 2-3 hours!). It’s counter-intuitive, because when I feel sick I don’t want to eat, but I’ve discovered that this is the trick to keeping food down and keeping my head out of the toilet (TMI?). Probably my most important mini-meal is right before bed. If I don’t have something immediately before going to sleep, I will invariably wake up sick to my stomach! But, even during the day I’m finding that I have to have lots of mini-meals to keep feeling myself. Since I’ve discovered this “trick,” I’ve only gotten sick once! Thank goodness!

Another big change this week is in terms of how far-along I am! I’m reading the classic pregnancy book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and it discusses how to calculate how far along you are. Until this point, I had simply pinpointed the date of my missed monthly visitor, and gone back 7-10 days to figure out when I likely ovulated. I used that as my “start point” and assumed that, as a result, I was 5 ½ weeks along. But, it turns out that this is not the way to do it. Apparently, you have to go back to the first day of your last actual period. That’s the “start” point. By doing it this way, your first 2 weeks of “pregnancy” are actually before conception has even taken place. But, when you think about it – that’s why pregnancy is thought of as 9 months, when full-term is actually considered 40 weeks (a full 10 months!). The first 2 weeks are pre-pregnancy. Anyways, that’s how the medical community does it and given these new numbers, I should be considered 7 ½ weeks right now (rather than only 5 ½ ). Like I said, I’m going to the doctor on Monday, so maybe they can pinpoint a more accurate time-frame at that time.

This week I’ve started having the craziest, most vivid dreams! I’ve heard that this can sometimes happen during pregnancy. Unfortunately, ALL of my dreams to date have been nightmares! I’ve woken up scared and almost crying at times! I joked with Chris that I could make some serious money because one of my dreams was so detailed and it was just like the popular movie series, “Saw.” I should write it up as a screenplay and see if I can sell it. : ) Other dreams have included being alive during the Civil War and having our house raided, trying to survive; I’ve also dreamed that our neighbors were trying to break in at night and capture us and somehow they had incapacitated Rocky so we had no one to alert us; and other very strange dreams, too. I really don’t enjoy that every night I go to bed and dream that I have to do battle for my life!! Hopefully some good dreams are coming soon, because with as vivid and life-like as these dreams have been, some good dreams would probably be amazing!

Some pregnancy stats:
Weight:  – 2 lbs (probably due to all the sickness early on!)
Cravings:  None…maybe Sprite? Does that count?
Aversions:  MEAT! I’ve been able to choke down chicken and turkey, but all red meat, as well as fish, pork, etc., has been OFF the table…literally! Veggies have been making me gag, too!
Symptoms: bloat, headaches, gas, fatigue, nausea, breast tenderness…you name it, I got it!