**Written December 30, 2011


Somehow, I hadn’t experienced any sickness or aversions until Christmas Day (remember that
I’d just found out we were expecting on Christmas Eve). I had to jump out of bed in the 6am hour to run to the bathroom, where I dry-heaved for a bit, before heading downstairs. My Mom had gotten up extra early to cook a brisket and the smell of meat made me absolutely green with sickness! For breakfast I noticed I was avoiding the bacon, and for our big Christmas linner (lunch/dinner), I was staying away from the meat at all costs! Something about it absolutely grossed me out!

The next day (Dec. 26), I was sick again. Only this time, it lasted all day long! Part of me thought it was all psychological. How could I have been totally fine all this time, and then as soon as I found out I was preggers – BAM! – I was sick as I could be!? But, nothing about this was psychological. My Mom bought me some pregnancy books and they talked about how hormones change rapidly early on, and pregnancy symptoms can change rapidly, too.

Some days I was totally fine – I’d go on jogs, run errands, and visit family. Other days I was stuck in bed literally all day, feeling absolutely miserable. My mom joked that even if we’d tried to keep this a secret, there’s no way it would have worked! I’m still eating a mostly non-meat diet. Trying to eat some meat on my “good” days since its such an excellent source of protein, and sneak in some other forms of protein on my not-so-good days. On those days I rely mostly on liquids, as my “morning” sickness is definitely an ALL-DAY affair! For breakfast I’ll have a green smoothie:  strawberries & bananas (both supposed to ease morning sickness), plus a handful of spinach, a few baby carrots, and some yogurt to add some extra protein & nutrition. Lunch is soup (what little I can force down), and dinner is more of the same – either another smoothie or more soup.

TMI ALERT:  Prize for weirdest places that I’ve yakked (so far):  in the street outside Chris’ Grandma’s house (she didn’t know the news at the time), and in a cup in my Mom’s car as we were driving home from Walgreens…picking up pregnancy-approved anti-nausea medicine. One very strange thing that I’ve noticed is that prior to pregnancy, it was very rare for me to throw up, but when I did, I ALWAYS had time to get to a bathroom. I could just feel it coming on and could get up and run to the toilet in time, no problem. But with this pregnancy, I literally go from 100% fine to vomiting in less than a second! I’ve been forced to carry around a plastic barf-bin because there’s no telling when it’s going to strike and I don’t have a prayer of a chance of getting to the bathroom in time! Weird, right?

Anyways, I’m hoping I get better soon. I know the second trimester is supposed to be much easier than the first and, according to my calculations, I should be about 4 weeks deep into my first trimester already. We’re in Texas through the New Years, but scheduling a doctor’s visit is at the top of my list for as soon as we get back to Arizona.