**Written December 30, 2011

Chris and I learned about my pregnancy on the morning of Christmas Eve. We’d gone all day without telling anyone and, obviously, it was the only thing on my mind! That evening, however, I saw the perfect opportunity, as many of my family members (I should say – I have a huge family! 1 brother, 1 sister, 4 step-brothers, and 9 nieces & nephews) had gone elsewhere for the evening. Only my Mom and Sister remained, sitting on the couch and talking about Christmas. I ran upstairs and wrapped up that same baby 2-year-old UT outfit I’d given Chris earlier that morning. We used to have a tradition where we opened 1 present on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition that had fallen to the wayside as we reached adulthood, but I brought the wrapped UT outfit downstairs, placed in my Mom’s lap and commanded her to open it. It was a bit of a struggle – she wanted to wait until Christmas morning – but I was able to convince her to open it up.

She was thoroughly confused. It was my sister who realized what was going on and exclaimed, “You’re pregnant!!!” I nodded, tears in my eyes. They both jumped up to give us hugs, and I gave my disclaimer that it was very early on, anything could happen, but that I’d wanted to tell them in person before we went back to Arizona. My Mom said it was her best Christmas present of the season! : )

Chris also wanted to tell his Mom in person. As I previously mentioned, she had been moving and at one point had shown Chris one of his more adorable baby outfits that she had held onto. So on Christmas evening when we were at her house, but before his siblings had arrived, Chris asked if she knew where that baby outfit was because “we may be needing it soon.” She immediately screamed, “You’re Pregnant!”, and the excitement & hugs ensued.

We decided not to tell the rest of our families or friends yet, just-in-case the worst case scenario happen. It’s amazing, though, how quickly everything went from a “No-Fuss attitude” into something that we desperately wanted. And we discussed how, should I experience a miscarriage, we would immediately start trying-for-real : )