This is always the #1 first question I get when I tell people I’m pregnant. And it’s no surprise if you know that Chris and I have never been baby-crazy, we live far away from any of our family, and I’m currently a graduate student (with the graduate-student-income to prove it!).

Truth is, although we weren’t tracking ovulation, etc etc (as I’ve mentioned before), both of us had thought a lot about having a baby before it actually happened.

For one thing, we aren’t getting any younger, and keeping up with kiddos is only going to become more difficult the older we get! (I am already WIPED OUT from playing with my nephews/nieces for a matter of 2-3 hours!)

In terms of being a grad student (I study Developmental Psychology – in case you didn’t know), it’s funny because this is actually one of the BEST times to have a baby! The American Psychological Association (APA – the premier leader in all things Psychology), actually suggests that the BEST time to have a child is in the last year of grad school, because this is the time that will offer the most flexibility out of one’s entire career. Guess how long I have left of school…..yep, a year!

In terms of the financial aspect of raising a child – of course it won’t be cheap or easy. But, I think the best advice I ever got was “if you wait until the PERFECT time…it will NEVER happen!” That’s because there’s never a “perfect” time! We’ll always be trying to save up for something (e.g., a new car, a house, another cross-country move!) But we’ll make it work and I have all the confidence in the world that we’ll be just fine.

Anyways, you may notice if you follow along with this blog that a lot of these posts were written back in December/January. If it’s an “old” post, I’ll always give you the date that it was written (to give you some perspective on where I was at during that stage of pregnancy). But I’ll also be throwing in some new posts intermittently, so don’t be confused by all the jumping back-and-forth.

I’m so glad you’ll follow along with us on this incredible journey! Glad to have you here!! : )