After receiving the positive pee-stick news, I knew I wanted to tell Chris right away. In the preceding days I had seen some baby UT gear at a local store and I dashed over to buy a little baby outfit. Only…they were out. I drove to another location…and the smallest they had was for a 2 year old. I bought it anyways, given that I’d already set my mind on it, and I headed back to my Mom’s house (where we were staying for the holidays). I found Chris getting ready in the bedroom. He asked what had taken me so long with caring for the dog. I threw him the bag where I’d stashed the baby outfit and immediately pulled up a picture of the pee-stick on my phone. He was confused by the outfit and asked “Whose is this?”

I handed him the picture of the pregnancy test. Again – “Whose is this?”

I pointed to myself and immediately burst into tears – a rush of emotion, for sure. He hugged me and asked why I was crying. My response, “I’m so scared!”, surprised even me! He did a great job of comforting me, but I had to get myself together quickly. It was Christmas Eve, after all, and we had a busy day ahead. Chris asked what we were going to do about telling people. At this point, I assumed that we were only approximately 3 weeks along…not far at all. I told him I wanted to tell my Mom and Sister since we were staying together for the holidays, but wanted to wait to tell everyone else until later. He agreed.