Written December 30, 2011**

I want to document this journey, and I want to start from the beginning. I’ll break up some of the details into a series of posts, but first things’ first….how I found out we were expecting a baby.
Chris and I had dated on-and-off since 2002 (we’ve been full-time “on” since 2005). So, after almost 10 years of being together and a year of marriage under our belt, we decided it might be time for a baby. We adopted a “No Fuss” approach. I stopped taking birth control in May 2011 so we were no longer actively avoiding pregnancy, but we also weren’t doing anything to actively try to conceive. We weren’t worried about tracking my ovulatory cycle or timing “things” (if-you-know-what-I-mean). Because we weren’t worried about conceiving immediately, this was working for us.

In December we were packing up for our trip back to Texas. Although I’d expected my monthly visitor to make an appearance before we left Tucson, it hadn’t yet arrived. My cycle tends to be a bit longer than most people – it averages 31-33 days, but has been up to 38 days before – so I wasn’t too worried.

As soon as we got to Texas we were B-U-S-Y! Chris’ Mom was moving and Chris and I helped her move. Plus there was lots of running around, last minute holiday shopping, etc. But, when Aunt Flo hadn’t visited by Christmas Eve (9 days overdue), I was beginning to wonder if something was up. Our dog had been staying at Chris’ Mom’s house, so early that morning I drove over to walk him, etc., but I stopped on the way to buy a pregnancy test….fully believing that I was just late and NOT pregnant.

After taking care of Rocky, I broke out the test. There were 2 main things to note from the tests’ instructions:
1. It could take up to 2 minutes for the results to appear. Be patient!
2. The line could be very faint. Look closely!

I went to the bathroom, did my thing, and was shocked when – BEFORE I’d even had a chance to set the test down for the 2 minute “wait” period – a very definite Positive reading appeared. Not only that, but it was the darkest, strongest line EVER! No faint lines here!!!

In hindsight (it’s always 20/20, you know!), I guess there were a couple of other clues that I started to think about. My breasts had been extra sore and my energy-level had been zapped.  But now things were adding up and starting to make sense.

I knew the next step was to tell Chris.

Edited to add:  Maybe the quick response and SUPER dark line should have been indicators of a possible twin pregnancy…but I wouldn’t find that out for months still.