Chris’ Mom (the girls’ Grandma) and Nana came to visit us for a bit before school started back in session (Chris’ Mom is a teacher). We had an absolute blast and crammed so much fun stuff into the 3-day weekend!

They arrived on Friday morning just as the girls were finishing lunch and about to go down for a nap. We got to hang out and play a bit before the girls laid down. And then the monsoons rolled in. The rainstorm ended up dashing any plans for outdoor activity, but it worked out well because we were able to have a fun and low-key time at home. For our activity of the day, we went out for dinner to one of our favorite Tucson restaurants. The girls decided to have full-on melt downs so it was quite the ordeal, but we learned that it is MUCH easier to wrangle two fussy toddlers when there are extra hands to hold them! Grandma and Nana for the win!!!

IMG_4216 IMG_4218

On Saturday we got up and moving and went to an Ostrich Farm before the heat of the day set in! This was actually Nana’s idea (a friend of hers had suggested it) and I was shocked I’d never heard of it before! At first, I didn’t believe it really existed! Come to find out, the farm was only a short 20 minute drive from our house!

We had such an incredible time and I’m so glad we got to experience it! The girls were able to feed and pet donkeys, deer, and goats.

IMG_4224 IMG_4228


They were also able to feed ostrich, prairie dogs, ducks, and birds!

Then the trip culminated with a fun tour of the ostrich farm on a monster truck. We got to see a baby ostrich, learn all about the Arizona desert, and feed more ostriches. It was a blast!

On Sunday we decided an indoor event might be best since Saturday at the ostrich farm had been incredibly hot! So after getting up and ready we headed to the Tucson Children’s Museum. We went a few times last summer, but this was the first trip of this summer. It’s incredible the difference a year makes in terms of the girls’ development and abilities. The museum this time around was a whole new experience! They had such a blast and I’m sure can’t wait to go back again!


That evening we went to La Encantada (an upscale outdoor shopping center, similar to The Domain in Austin). We walked around a bit and got pictures of the girls on turtles – the same place we’d gotten taken a picture the summer before when Grandma and Nana were visiting. Look at these two cute girls!

IMG_4386 IMG_4388

2013  (age 1) & 2014 (age 2)


Now that the girls can climb out of their cribs (we actually just got the conversion kits today to change into toddler beds, so don’t worry!), naps are a constant battle since they only want to play! I have to keep peeking in on them and telling them to get back in their beds. One time I walked in the room and see Brooke standing on the floor and Bailey jumping in her crib. As soon as I open the door, Brooke instantly drops the toys she’d been holding and covers her eyes (in a “you can’t see me if I can’t see you” type fashion). Then Bailey looks at me, shoos me with her hands and yells “GET OUT!!!”

Can you believe it? These little girls are already back-talking me! lol If they weren’t so cute we’d have a problem! ; )

This post has no real unifying theme, so I’ll just do it bullet point style.

  • This weekend was a bit of a developmental milestone growth-spurt for our girls. In a span of less than 12 hours they learned how to crawl OUT of their cribs (they’d been crawling into their cribs for months, but never out), AND learned how to open doors! And so our worlds have been turned upside down! lol.
  • A funny thing I never thought I’d say (before having kids)…. “Do not take the banana peel to bed!!!” (said as Bailey tries to run to bed with an old banana peel for a banana she’d already eaten).
  • I’m cleaning the kitchen and telling the girls its nap time. I hear them run down the hall and a door slam shut so I assume they’ve gone into their room to climb into their cribs (they’re surprisingly good about going to bed for naps/bedtime). I go to their room and they’re not in there so I start looking around. I ended up finding them in MY bed up under the covers with heads on pillows all ready for naps. Too funny and sweet!

I just had to share this sweet thing Bailey did today so I can capture the memory….

I was putting the girls down for their naps and, as has become the custom, they gather up every single stuffed animal they own to go in their cribs with them when they lay down. It’s seriously ridiculous how many stuffed animals they can fit in their arms.

So I plop Bailey in her crib first, tuck her in, and blow a kiss (love watching her blow kisses back!), then I do the same for Brooke. While I’m tucking Brooke in, I notice that Bailey has popped up in her crib and she starts saying my name over and over, “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!” When I’m done with getting Brooke situated I turn back toward Bailey and realize she’s kneeling there puckering her lips and waiting oh-so-patiently for a kiss. I lean down and kiss her, and she lays right back down, settling in amidst all her stuffed animals! I know one day in the not-so-distant future I won’t be able to get these naptime kisses from my sweet girls.

I’m cherishing every one. : )

I have so much more to share and lots of pictures to give you guys! We had a fabulous trip from the girls’ Grandma (Chris’ Mom) and Nana (great-grandma), but I’m short on time so I wanted to drop in really quick to give a couple funny toddler-isms so I don’t forget them!

  • We were playing out in the back yard when I pointed out some birds sitting on the back fence. The girls got so excited yelling “Bird! Bird! Bird!” and pointing them out! They ran toward the birds and, of course, the birds didn’t care for that. The birds flew up to the roof of our house to perch. This made Brooke upset. She yelled up to the birds “GET DOWN!!!” and started pointing at the ground for emphasis. SOOOO funny (I wonder where they always hear the term “get down” from? har har har)
  • The girls have gotten into a habit of making a cozy corner in our living room. They drag all their soft things over there – some soft toddler chairs we have, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. Then they lay and cuddle. One time I found them and Bailey was covering Brooke up with a blanket, patting her back and saying, “night night!!”
  • And this is a variant of another story I’ve already told…..but recently the girls were playing peek-a-boo by hiding behind a curtain and popping out at each other. When Brooke hid behind the curtain Bailey waved and said, “Bye bye, Brooke!” (they’ve just started referring to each other by name instead of by the generic “sissy”)
  • Anytime that Rocky makes any noise (whining to go in/out, barking at the door, etc.), the girls will put their finger over their lips and shush him, “Shhhhh!!!!!!” They know whose in charge!!!

Such funny little toddlers!

One fail from this summer was when I tried to take the girls to the splash pad. They had loved it last year, but I guess they decided they’re afraid of it now, so they ended up standing around and watching all the other kids have fun.

IMG_3900 IMG_3903


They have continued to enjoy playing dress up and make-believe.




They had their fair share of meltdowns. One evening I tried to take them to a Masonic Installation in which Chris was being installed as the Senior Warden (a high office in the organization). The girls were okay throughout the ceremony until they saw their Dad being seated out on the floor. Then they lost it, yelling “DAD! DAD! DAD!” and trying to run out to be with him.

IMG_3912 IMG_3920 IMG_3921 IMG_3925


On our long road trip to Utah (13 hour drive), we stopped at a random road-side petting zoo! It was so strange, as it was in the middle of nowhere! But we took the opportunity to get out and stretch our legs a bit and let the girls have some fun.


IMG_3949 IMG_3954 IMG_3956 IMG_3962 IMG_3964


It’s been a pretty good summer! I need to get better about taking pictures! We’ve been doing weekly play dates with our friends, we’ve gone swimming a good hand-full of times, and we’ve been doing story time at the library every week. Every day we try to get out and do at least 1 fun thing for the girls. It’s been a blast!


I just have to share this silly thing Bailey has been doing (all.the.time) lately.

She and Brooke will be playing. At some point in their running around shenanigans, Bailey will slam a door in Brooke’s face, locking Brooke into a room (laundry room, bedroom, etc.). Then Bailey will get a big smile on her face, wave and say “Bye bye, sissy!” and come over to me proudly as if she is now the only child in the family! This lasts approximately 5 seconds until Brooke starts crying to be freed from being trapped. But Bailey enjoys it while it lasts.

Silly things!


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