I just have to share this silly thing Bailey has been doing (all.the.time) lately.

She and Brooke will be playing. At some point in their running around shenanigans, Bailey will slam a door in Brooke’s face, locking Brooke into a room (laundry room, bedroom, etc.). Then Bailey will get a big smile on her face, wave and say “Bye bye, sissy!” and come over to me proudly as if she is now the only child in the family! This lasts approximately 5 seconds until Brooke starts crying to be freed from being trapped. But Bailey enjoys it while it lasts.

Silly things!

2 years old! Wow! The saying is definitely true:  “The days are long, but the years are short.” Perhaps doubly so, with twins!

One of the most common questions I get asked by family and friends is, “Have the girls ‘caught up’ yet?”

As with any premature babies (remember, they were born at 32 weeks gestation, as opposed to a full-term 38-40 weeks), skills and milestones start off a little slower than other babies’ their age. But, we’re happy to report that they’ve officially “caught up.”

Every time we go to the pediatrician, we are given a double-paged checklist of milestones for babies their age (e.g., “can pull into standing position,” “can walk unassisted,” etc). We are to put an “X” next to the milestone if the girls cannot do the task. Once you get to 3 “X’s” you can stop filling out the list, as the tasks become increasingly difficult. This is a way for the doctor to guage the timing of baby’s development in various areas (motor skills, verbal ability, etc.). In early months we never made it to the second page of milestones because we had always had 3 X’s. At 18 months we were able to make it to the second page, and by our 24-month check-up we got through the whole list! Woohoo!!!

Here’s a couple quick photos for you:



This was on the girls’ actual birthday. They got some balloons (which they LOVE) and pretty dress up shoes from my mom’s mom (Nan).


Bailey “shopping” while wearing her new high heels


Sweet, smiley Brooke


Playing at the mall in a fun little car ride

Likes and Dislikes:

  • Like playing toddler apps on the iPad (this is a new one we’ve just started letting them do)
  • Dislike having a poopy diaper (and they’ve finally started telling us when they have a “poo poo”)
  • Like swimming at the pool
  • Dislike diaper changes (they want the clean diaper, but want it to just magically happen without having to deal with the actual diaper change)
  • Like dancing (and they do it all the time! We love our dance parties)
  • Dislike being left somewhere (I got a gym membership and they’re having a tough time going to the childcare, even though its phenomenal and the staff is incredible)
  • Like playing with Daddy when he gets home from work
  • Dislike eating veggies
  • Like playing with all their fun, new birthday toys!!!

Best Time:

This whole summer has been a “best time.” The girls used to be in an in-home daycare 3 days a week, but (due to a myriad of reasons I won’t go into here), that hasn’t worked out. We’re actively searching for a new option but in the meantime, the girls have been home with me. It’s challenging to get work done, but it has been SO MUCH FUN to be with them every day! They just get more and more fun all the time and I love hanging out with my little side-kicks! If I have to narrow it down to one thing, I’d say that our absolute best was probably the weekend away at the resort. I would say their birthday party, but with Brooke being sick with a cold, it probably wasn’t a ton of fun for her (aside from the cake and ice cream part!) I never mentioned it, but my brother was also sent to Scottsdale for a work trip and we went and visited him at his super-fancy resort one day. They had an awesome “beach” part (with sand that lead into a pool). The girls have never been to a real beach, so it was a ton of fun to hang out there. That was another “best time,” too!



In the water at the beach!



Posing with Uncle Trever!

Worst Time:

Hmmm…maybe the colds that the girls had? Those are never fun! Aside from that, we’ve started experiencing some pretty serious toddler temper tantrums, which are certainly not pleasant. In related news, I have totally become “that mom” that lets my kids melt down in public. I mean, I don’t want them to, but if they’re throwing a fit because we’re in the store and they want “X” toy, I’m not going to give in just to get them to stop crying. So I’ll pick the child up off the floor (they literally throw themselves down kicking and screaming), sit her in the grocery basket, ignore the screams and protests, and just calmly walk on. There is no reasoning with a 2-year-old (e.g., “we already have 10 balls at home, you do not need another ball.”). No point; less frustrating for everyone for me to just ignore it and move along.

Also – the whole child care situation is a “low” from the past couple months. As much as I’ve enjoyed having the girls here, its very stressful to try to find a new situation that we’re all happy with.

2-year-old Baby Stats:

  • Weight: Brooke is 21 lbs 6 oz (< 1st %), Bailey is 22 lbs 8 oz. (5th %). Still very dainty, petite little girls.
  • Height: Brooke is 33.5 inches (42nd %), Bailey is 34 inches (56th %). Long and lean!
  • Clothing Size: Still 18 month – 2T. They’re able to wear 2T shirts just fine, but some of the pants/shorts are still a little big. We’re moving more and more into them, but it just depends on the brand (some literally fall off while they’re walking).
  • Diaper Size: Size 4. We also finally got a potty chair and (in my dreams) I’m hoping to potty train the girls within a few months and be done with diapers for good. We’ll see.
  • Sleep: Still one nap per day, but its been pushed back to after lunch time (used to be mid-morning). Now they nap at about 12:00 or 12:30 for about 2-3 hours. Overnight they go down about 8:30 or 8:45pm and sleep until about 6:00 or 6:30 am.
  • Food: They eat everything we eat, minus the veggies. About the only veggie they like is corn. Certainly anything green (spinach, lettuce, asparagus, broccoli), we have a tough time getting them to eat…but I keep introducing it in hopes that they’ll eventually go for it. In the meantime, I like to make smoothies with a mixture of fruits and veggies so they’ll at least get some vegetables (this works really well with carrots and spinach, specifically).
  • Favorite Foods: They LOVE cheese (they get it from their Momma). If they ever see me pull it out of the fridge for use in dinner or lunch, they run over yelling “CHEESE, PLEASE!!!” Funny story about smart little Brooke. One time she saw me use some cheese with dinner and saw where I had put it back in the fridge. She remembered it and, the next time I opened the fridge for something she ran over. I didn’t think much of it (she always likes playing with the on/off light in the fridge), but then I realized she’d gotten something and ran off with it. I look over and she’s sitting at her little kid table eating handfuls of cheese straight from the bag! Too smart (and funny)!

It’s been an incredible year! And it just keeps getting better and better! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

A couple silly stories to share….

I have often said the girls are each others’ best friend and worst enemy! They are protective of one another, but also fight…a lot!

I’ve been using time out whenever one hits the other or bites the other. The other day Brooke bit Bailey, so I took Brooke to her room and explained that she was going to time out for biting and that we don’t bite. I put her in her crib and went back into the living room to play with Bailey. But Bailey was so concerned about Brooke she kept pointing at their bedroom door and saying “Sis! Sis! Sis!” Finally she went to the door (which I guess was slightly ajar) and pushed the door open. She ran in like she was going to bust Brooke out of time out and, with Brooke in the crib and Bailey on the floor, they started laughing and “talking” and making a whole game of it. Silly babies!

And another quick story…

On the morning of their actual birthday, I went outside to water the plants. When I came back into the kitchen I found this:

IMG_3774 IMG_3780

Who, me???

One of them (probably Bailey) had climbed onto the counter, retrieved the giant Costco bag of chocolate chips, opened it up (it was sealed) and they started munching on them by the fistfuls. Happy Birthday, indeed! Hahaha! Little chocolate eaters!

I took the bag away and Bailey ran over to me and very matter-of-factly pointed at the bag and said “Me!” (like, “mine”…she doesn’t know possessive words yet). I laughed and said no. Then she tried the nice route, “please???” Too sweet!

I’ll have to start recording more silly conversations we have or funny things the girls do because – I swear – there are a LOT!

IMG_3849 IMG_3851

You are such a joy in our lives and we love you so much!!!

While the girls don’t officially turn two until Wednesday, we celebrated with a  few friends this past weekend.

We had a really low key get-together that was just perfect – I don’t think I’d have the energy for a really big party!! Raising toddlers is serious work! ; )

Decorations were minimal. I bought some crepe paper that I hung a couple places in the front entryway. We were planning to get helium balloons, but time got away from us.

IMG_3726 2

It’s hard to see, but the hall on the right has crepe paper, too.

The menu was simple. I made homemade pinto beans in a crock pot, a fresh fruit salad, had chips, guacamole, and salsa, and the main entree was inspired by Tucson’s famous Sonoran Dogs. We had a variety of meat options:  all beef franks (some wrapped in bacon, some not), turkey hot dogs, and a couple different kinds of chicken sausages (some spicy, some sweet). I also had a variety of topping options.

IMG_3759 2 IMG_3720 2

For drinks I did fruit-infused water (watermelon pineapple) and homemade sun sweet-tea with lemon. We also had a mini fridge outside with some sodas and adult beverages.

IMG_3721 2

I did the cake homemade-ish. I did strawberry cake from a mix, but did strawberry cream cheese icing from scratch. I attempted to do a cake a little outside my level of experience and it ended with a bit of a mishap….

I baked 3 tiers and let each cake cool completely (as you should). BUT, I didn’t realize that the “proper” way to assemble the cake is 1 tier at at time (i.e., slather some icing, then let sit in the fridge to “set up” before adding the next tier). Instead, I did all the icing and added all the tiers at once. Immediately I knew there was a problem. The cake was…leaning. Badly. And then, one side totally blew out.

IMG_3698 2



I threw it in the fridge to have the icing harden a little, and after a couple hours I took a scraper/spatula thingy and pushed the side of the cake back in. Then I re-iced that side to try to hide the damage. It wasn’t perfect, but it got the job done.

Next, I tried my hand at some lettering (writing Happy Birthday on the cake). It also didn’t turn out great. Pretty messy and it barely fit on the cake. But it was a good time and I have some funny memories to look back on (“hey, remember that time I totally botched your cake!?” heh). I also did separate cupcakes for the girls so they could have their own individual pieces with candles.

IMG_3749 2

Luckily, even with its less-than-perfect appearance, the cake still tasted great! : )

10502268_800798126605065_95820589_n cupcakes 10489002_800798506605027_918318699_n cupcake9

I guess I should back up a little and show the girls in their little party outfits. I got these super cute tutu dresses from (drumroll….) COSTCO! For $9! I love that place!

IMG_3746 2

The bows only lasted about the first 2 minutes of the party before they were ripped off. *sigh* Also, did I mention that Brooke was sick? Yes. For her party. Poor, sweet thing! Bailey had come down with a  cold last week on Wednesday. She was better by Friday and I was hoping that somehow Brooke just wouldn’t catch it. But, of course, Sunday morning Brooke woke up with a runny nose and a cough. By afternoon she had a full blown cold (the party was Sunday evening). She spent most of the party being cuddled by either me or Chris. We’re lucky that everything was pre-prepped and pretty easy to put together because otherwise it would’ve been tough to juggle hostessing, cooking food, and cuddling a sweet sick baby. : /

I wish I would’ve done a better job getting pictures of our guests and backyard set-up! We had 8 adults and 5 kids, so not a ton but a good amount for the size of our house/yard. We had our backyard set up with multiple kid play areas….we had a sand table on one side, a water table on the other side (I purposely separate these to prevent the “sand” and “water” from being mixed together and becoming MUD), and a trampoline.

10437236_800797939938417_658889420_n 10438772_800797929938418_1725513768_n

IMG_3758 2 10510113_800797979938413_1275650946_n 10482630_800798009938410_421173920_n10488929_800797949938416_914122633_nIMG_3763 2

We had so much fun (minus the whole sick-baby thing). And the girls have been so spoiled by loved ones, too! Grandma (Chris’ Mom) got the girls a play kitchen. They are OBSESSED!

IMG_3678 2

IMG_3742 2 IMG_3745 2

Mamaw (my mom) got them the trampoline for the yard


And my brother and sister-in-law got them some super-cute toddler-sized grocery carts to push around

IMG_3708 2 IMG_3705 2

Our gift to them was the water table.

IMG_3693 2

(It is a constant battle to keep them from playing IN the table)

Spoiled little girls want for nothing!

All-in-all, it was a great party! Fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. My perfect definition of a lazy summer Sunday evening.

On their actual birthday we’re planning to just hang out at home. We promised to buy balloons (they’re obsessed with balloons right now), but no other big plans. We’ll repeat the whole birthday shenanigans in about a week and a half. We’re going to be driving up to Utah to spend the 4th of July long weekend with my Dad and his side of the family.

I’ll be back before that, though, to give an update with the baby’s 2 year milestones and stats. Our official pediatrician’s appointment is on Thursday so I’ll be back soon!

Happy Birthday, girls!!!

My little girls are little sponges these days! It is both exciting and freightening! They’re starting to mimic things even after only seeing something a single time.

For instance, we went to a friends’ house the other day to go swimming. I had some pool toys that I blew up. The girls weren’t watching intently or anything, but they must have noticed because a couple hours later, after we were done swimming, Bailey grabbed the floaty toy and started trying to blow it up – putting her mouth in the correct place and everything!


They also repeat things like little parrots! Their annunciation still isn’t great (to be expected), but if you say something to them they’ll repeat it right back!

And their problem-solving skills have really shown improvement. They love learning to drink out of “regular” cups (i.e., plastic cups without lids). They still spill sometimes, so they only get water and generally just enough for a sip or two. But they’ve figured out that water comes out of the refrigerator door, so when they’re finished they’ll push their chair over to the fridge and try to reach up to get more water in their cups. Another example – the other day I had a bag of animal crackers (aka “cookies”) on top of the kitchen island. Bailey was determined to get some so she pushed her chair over, reached up, and snagged a handful. But, being such a sweet sister, she shared with Brooke before grabbing more for herself.


In addition to these developments, they are voracious readers. About 100 times a day they’ll bring a book to me yelling, “READ! PLEASE! READ!! READ! PLEAAAASE!!!”  Related to “manners,” I’ve been working hard on “please” and “thank you.” They’ve figured out “please,” but I swear they must think the word means “NOW, RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!” because they do not use it like, “Momma, can we please read this book?” Instead, they shout it at the top of their lungs as if they’re saying “PLLLLLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, YOU BETTER READ ME THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!!!” It’s still adorable, but slightly less endearing than if they were to use it properly. lol. “Thank you,” on the other hand, has been less successful. Brooke says it more than Bailey, but only when prompted (never spontaneously), and still only about 50% of the time. I’ll take it – they’re still learning.

They’re also starting to recognize more things around them. They know what an airplane is, for example, and if they see one in the sky they are excited to point it out to me (previously, they had been excited about the flying things in the sky but didn’t have a word for it yet). And, the other day, Chris was watching Duck Dynasty. Bailey was so excited and proud to be able to point out “DUCK!” on TV (as opposed to a stuffed animal or picture in a book). This was a bit alarming because it was the first time we realized they’re really paying attention to the TV now (just FYI – they haven’t ever watched TV or movies, and when we have it on they have always just ignored it, so this was a first). I guess my days of watching trash TV like 16 and Pregnant when the girls are around is now limited! : )

One other random story – we have an outdoor car thing (similar to this). The girls recently ripped the eye stickers off and were running around holding the stickers over their eyes yelling “Eye! Eye! Eye!” Again – very proud of themselves! Cute things!

That’s it for now. I wanted to pop in with a quick update. The girls will be 2 in a couple weeks and at that time I’ll do a full and proper update.


Prepare yourself for a photo dump!

First up:  My mom sent us a little baby sprinkler thing. You hook it up to the hose and it spins around squirting out water. The girls LOVE it!

IMG_3155 IMG_3159 IMG_3164 IMG_3172 IMG_3174

Before it got to killer-death-heat mode (which is anywhere over 100*…and its been over 100* daily for about 3 weeks now…), I was in a good routine of taking the girls for walks in the morning almost daily. I’d fill up some sippy cups with water, dump some cheerios in snack cups, and grab a couple books for the ride. The girls LOVE it!


The babies have also reached the “streaking” stage. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep them in pants and diapers. As an aside (maybe related), I bought a potty seat to try to start potty training and….the girls are terrified of it. So, there’s that.

IMG_3238 IMG_3239

Naked Bailey. She’s always the instigator, then Brooke follows suit in a monkey see, monkey do fashion.

The girls have also started LOVING to mimic Mom. They wear little purses around and will steal my shoes every chance they get! At least they share (hah!)

IMG_3255 IMG_3271 IMG_3272

At Target. Target has become quite the problem as we’ve reached the terrible two’s. They have a giant display with a million balls and the girls FREAK OUT whenever we pass by (BALL!!! BALL!! BALL!!!!! *commence meltdown*). It’s good stuff. We’re totally “that” family now.


Brooke found a giant dog she “had to have” (we snuck it back on the shelf after something else caught her attention).

Speaking of mimicking Mom….one day they saw me painting my toe nails and absolutely HAD to have their nails painted, too. So we all had matching pink toes for a bit : )

IMG_3357 2

Our A/C went out on a Friday (did I mention its been over 100* daily, with heat advisory warnings to boot?) Chris said no way, packed us up, and booked a room at a fancy resort up in Scottsdale for the weekend. It was an absolute joy, as he’s been working 7 days a week foreeeeever now, and it was a fabulous treat to get away for the weekend. The resort was incredible – one of the few 5 star resorts in the area (The Fairmont for those interested). When we arrived on Friday they were having a Ferrari unveiling and every single car in valet was a super fancy Ferrari. Then we pull up in our 2011 Ford Explorer with french fries crumpled on the floor board like total bosses, lol.

Aside from the family time, one of the best parts of the weekend was that the resort had all kinds of activities so we rarely left. We probably would’ve NEVER left, but the restaurants were all super $$$ (like….$30 for 2 eggs and hash browns at breakfast), so we ate off-resort for breakfast/lunch both days and only ate dinner there.


I’m SO BUMMED I didn’t get more pics from the weekend. Above – in front of the fountain before eating at dinner….probably the BEST Mexican food dinner I’ve EVER HAD (and I’m kind of a connoisseur of Mexican food, so this is saying a lot). They had blue lump crab enchiladas (sounds weird) that were OUT OF THIS WORLD! omg….drool!!!

We spent most of our time swimming at one of the 4 different pools. One of the pools catered more toward families and had a playground next to the pool and water slides, plus a little mini “splash pad” type area. It was a blast! (though no pics, sorry!)

One evening they had a glow-in-the-dark party. It was hard to get pictures due to the lighting, but the girls loved all the glow-in-the-dark! If you look hard, in the background you see tiny circles – those are hula hoop dancers off in the distance.


Every Saturday in summer the resort does a little firework show. It was short (about 5 minutes), but it was the first time the girls have ever really seen fireworks and they were in total awe! Fourth of July is going to be a blast this year!!!

IMG_3400  IMG_3410 IMG_3412 IMG_3416

We drove back home on Sunday evening and our a/c was fixed (thank goodness!)

More random pictures:


The girls have not started crawling OUT of the cribs yet….but they’ve started trying to climb INTO them! So funny! Here’s Bailey striking a pose. She brought the bow to me asking to have it put on, then she brought the sash and demanded I put it on, too. Little girly girl!


Brooke is riding Rocky like he’s a horse! Poor Rocky is an old man (9 years old)…he puts up with a lot!


Brooke got ahold of the sash and this is how Chris decided to tie it….little pink ninja!

IMG_3456My girls! So sweet! Can’t believe they’re almost 2 in just a couple weeks!!!! Eeek!




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